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Top 10 things to do in Summer in Marquette, MI

Ah, summer! Summer is the best time to be outside in Upper Michigan and explore all the things to do. Ride a bike, go for a hike, or spend the day at the beach. You’ll be seeking exciting things to do in Summer in Marquette, MI. Getting out will make you feel like enjoying your summer. It’s no surprise that we’ve started to value the great outdoors even more than before. Here’s a list of top 10 things to do in summer to add to your Marquette summer bucket list, all of which will ensure you have a great summer.

1.Spend a day at the beach

What could be better than getting a breeze off the water on a warm summer day? It’s a classic summer activity. You may enjoy the sun and waves for free because many beaches are open to the public. Going beachfront and making a splash at one of Marquette’s greatest beaches, Park, Mi. is a perfect way to cool off in Marquette, Michigan. The best aspect is plenty to pick from, including Presque Isle, Mccarty’s Cove, and others. Come on in and enjoy the thrill, and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen. So head to one of the Marquette’s beaches and plunge into the vast Lake Superior; trust us, you’ll return for another.

Presque Isle Park

9 min | 2.9 miles

Presque Isle Park is one of the most visited sites in Marquette County for a good reason. Situated at the end of Lakeshore Boulevard, the beach park is approachable by either the bike path or vehicle. A trip to Marquette would be incomplete without a stop at Presque Isle! Presque Isle in Marquette is a beautiful beach with many things to do in summer. There are different walking routes on the island and a paved road that encircles the island. Presque Isle provides something for everyone in the family! The park is 2.9 miles away from the Superior Stay hotel.

Mccarty’s Cove

4 min | 1.4 miles

McCarty’s Cove, which is not only accessible to downtown but also home to the Harbor Lighthouse, is one of Marquette’s most popular beaches. The beach is ideal for families because it is both sandy and supervised.
McCarty’s Cove is located near Lakeshore Boulevard and East Michigan Street. It has a swimming beach on Lake Superior with lifeguard supervision. There are two volleyball areas, picnic tables, and four permanent park benches overlooking the Lake. It has a grassy open space, fountain, cooking grills, a parking area, and a playground with a wooden play structure on the bluff above the beach. It also has a small restroom facility. McCarty’s Cove in Michigan is a great place to spend a day on the beach.

Black Rocks

12 min | 3.3 miles

Summers at Presque Isle’s Black Rocks are often crowded since people enjoy jumping down the cliff into the freshwater Lake. Standing on the ridge provides a panoramic view of Lake Superior and its shores. We recommend carrying some firm water shoes and swimming over and climbing rocks after jumping off the cliff.

2.Bike around Marquette

Another one of those 10 things to do in summer will make your staycation a lot of fun. Marquette offers unmatched mountain biking trails for all levels and many bike shops that offer rental bikes with gear. In fact, on the Superior Stay Hotel website, you can request to rent mountain bikes. The thrill of mountain biking here will leave you plenty of lasting memories. You may see your city from a new perspective on your bike, or you can pick a local trail to ride about on. Marquette has various beautiful trail options from beginner levels to experienced bikers.

Noquemanon Trail Network

4 min | 2.0 miles

The Noquemanon Trail Network system, also known as the “South Trails” and “North Trails,” is designed with various rider styles and abilities. This is home to some of the UP’s most popular trails, including waterfalls, breathtaking views, and rustic campgrounds. It also has national attention as a leading mountain bike destination.

Iron Ore Heritage Trail

21 min | 13.9 miles

The Iron Ore Heritage Trail showcases Marquette County’s environment, history, and culture. The trail runs 47 miles through Michigan’s gorgeous Upper Peninsula’s Marquette Iron Range. This trail was declared a National Recreation Trail because of its signs, artwork, and linkages to museums along the way. Celebrated the area’s rich mining history. You’ll come across many places on your adventures, such as mine shafts, forges, furnaces, and other constructions.

RAMBA Trails

23 min | 14.8 miles

RAMBA stands for Range Area Mountain Bike Association. The RAMBA trails, located in Ishpeming, just 20 minutes from Marquette, are another great place to get your pedal pushing on. The trails crisscross both sides of the county road, or East Division Street, and comprise a large 70-mile-plus network throughout town. RAMBA tracks are like mountain bike paths but with a different taste. Despite the RAMBA trails’ raw nature, which contrasts with the smooth flow trails in Marquette, the system recently added a new machine-built trail this spring.

3.Plan your Kayaking tours

Presque Isle

9 min | 2.9 miles

Presque Isle Park is one of Marquette County’s most popular destinations for a good reason. The 2-hour trip offers breathtaking views of Lake Superior, Presque Isle Park, and the Marquette shoreline. There are many magnificent bluffs, cliffs, and little caves – clean, crystal blue or green water where every pebble can be seen even at depths of 30 feet. We recommend kayaking out in the evenings to see the breathtaking sunsets over the hills and forests west of the city.

Pictured Rocks

50 min | 45.4 miles

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore provides stunning views along the mountainous shoreline between Munising, Michigan, and Grand Marais, Michigan, including natural archways, waterfalls, and dunes.’Pictured Rocks’ comes from the 15 miles of beautiful sandstone cliffs northeast of Munising. The cliffs rise to 200 feet above lake level, and it is one of Michigan’s most visited geological sights.Guided tours are also provided at the site but must be scheduled in advance. Kayaking to Pictured Rocks is the ultimate Michigan summer activity for the whole family.

Chocolay River

11 min | 6.5 miles

Only 10 minutes from Marquette and easily accessible. This one-hour tour takes you down the headwaters of the Chocolay River to where it enters Lake Superior. It is a lovely cruise along the river, with lots of waterfowl. It went onto the spectacular Lake Superior waters, with views of a limitless horizon and tucked in the green hills.

When you’re done paddling, enjoy drinks and a great meal at any finest restaurants in the Marquette.

4.Marquette hiking trails to enjoy

Hiking is an exciting thing to do in summer and get new experiences, as each trail is unique. You’re missing out if you are in Marquette and do not hit the trails! Morning is the most fantastic time to hike because the trails are less crowded, and you won’t be out in the bright sun for hours. With endless options for hiking trails, go hiking with your friends or family and enjoy the worthwhile views of Marquette County. The effort required to climb a mountain or hillside is well worth the reward: expansive views of lush summer valleys.

Hogback Mountain

19 min | 7.9 miles

Hogback is Marquette County’s most famous mountain for more experienced hikers. The trail is available for all seasons and is a moderate hike of about 2.8 miles which might take you 2 hours to complete, but the views are beautiful. The trail to Hogback Mountain is stunning, with a fantastic payoff at the top! The 360-degree view is breathtaking. The track is well-marked with white/blue blazes and is easy to follow. The first half mile is mostly flat and easy, but the last half mile is a strong rise with a scramble at the summit

Sugarloaf Mountain

8 min | 5.2 miles

Sugarloaf is like Hogback’s younger relative, a mile or two closer to the Lake. It’s one of the most popular hikes in Marquette County, and it’s also very easy to climb. Sugarloaf Mountain is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Marquette. With views of Lake Superior to the north and east and the city of Marquette to the south. The trail has signposts, and the ‘walk’ to the peak takes around 15 to 20 minutes. This half-mile stairs climb is rated “moderate” in difficulty. While not too strenuous, the scenery is breathtaking.

Echo Lake Nature Preserve

21 min | 10.9 miles

One of our favorite hiking spots is Echo Lake Nature Preserve. It is a lesser-known track, so you won’t find many people here. Various restrictions are in place to protect the environment, such as no pets, no cars (motorized or non-powered), and no camping. The place is used for quiet activities like birdwatching, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing in the winter. When you reach the top of the route, you’ll see Sugarloaf and Hogback Mountains. It is a lesser-known track, so you won’t find many people here. Various restrictions are in place to protect the environment, such as no pets, no cars (motorized or non-powered), and no camping. It’s used for quiet activities like birdwatching, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing in the winter. When you reach the top of the route, you’ll see Sugarloaf and Hogback Mountains.
All the popular hiking spots are within a 10-minute distance from Superior Stay Hotel.

5.Take a Sightseeing tour

Marquette is a place to explore the interactive exhibits on natural science, culture & history. If you are interested in centuries-old captivating stories, head to these Historic sites of Marquette. If you are a museum enthusiast, don’t forget to check out the museums in Marquette, Mi, situated within a mile’s distance from Superior Stay Hotel.

Marquette Harbor lighthouse

4 min | 1.3 miles

The Marquette Harbor lighthouse is a century-old landmark well-known among Marquette. It is one of Lake Superior’s most historic navigation beacons. You may go along the beach or view the magnificent structure. Contact the Maritime Museum at to plan your Lighthouse tour.

Iron ore harbor dock

4 min | 1.2 miles

The Lower Harbor Ore Dock, also known as the Marquette Harbor Dock, is an exciting piece of Marquette’s Iron Ore History. Tons of ore is still shipped from this dock each year. It’s a scenic site worth stopping for a few moments to appreciate this magnificent monolith. You can get to the structure when the Lake is frozen, which is in the winter, but it’s also beautiful from a distance. There are benches and a picnic table in the park near the dock where you may have your dinner.

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

3 min | 1.1 miles

The UP Children’s Museum is a learning environment for children and families. The Museum aims to inspire youth and families to study and explore through interactive displays.
Museum has remarkable displays and innovative programs that provide a unique learning environment for children and families. They have collaborative design workshops where children and families create all the Museum’s exhibits. This approach to museum development has resulted in a beautiful children’s Museum designed by and for children. You can buy museum tickets online –with varied prices for different age groups.

De Vos Art Museum

2 min | 0.5 miles

The De Vos Art Museum, located on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, is a 5,000-square-foot visual art museum that exhibits local, national, and worldwide contemporary art. The museum is divided into two galleries. One gallery is dedicated to rotating exhibitions of student, national, and worldwide displays. The other gallery features special exhibitions and choices from Northern Michigan University’s permanent collection ranging from Japanese art to early twentieth-century illustration.

6.Must try Breweries

If you enjoy fresh beers and are visiting the Upper Peninsula, you must stop by the breweries in Marquette, Michigan. Explore our list of recommendations for breweries and cafes in our close neighborhood on 3rd Street. There are a few worthwhile breweries to visit in Marquette. Each brings its distinct flavor to the local brew scene and distinguishes itself among Michigan’s rising number of brewers.

Black Rocks Brewery

2 min | 0.6 miles

Black Rock is recognized as one of the most fantastic breweries in the Upper Peninsula. It’s a refurbished house with a spacious courtyard. They do have an outside patio area where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal, year-round, and series beers. They supply homemade beers to several neighborhood restaurants and taverns. Their goods are available for sale at the brewery. You can’t go wrong with Black Rocks, which has flowing beer, outdoor patio dining, and live entertainment.

Ore Dock Brewery co

4 min | 1.2 miles

Ore Dock Brewing Company’s beers are built on traditional procedures and excellent ingredients. Brews emphasize balance and drinkability; each sip engages the senses while giving easy enjoyment. They let their beers speak for themselves, from the finest two-row barley from England and France.

Drifa Brewery co

5 min | 1.9 miles

Drifa Brewing Company is Michigan’s first cooperatively owned craft brewery and one of only around twelve in the US. Members and non-members alike are welcome to come in and enjoy the continuously rotating range of freshly brewed beers. There is no need for a membership; the doors are open to everyone, including your dogs! It’s on the shores of Lake Superior, so expect beverages (have you tried their smoked beer?) Music, and a fantastic view of the Lake.

Barrel and Beam Brewery

11 min | 5.5 miles

Barrel and beam brewery focuses on crafting world-class farmhouse and barrel-aged beers and ciders. Their wedding and event venue features cozy spaces and great drinks. You can contact them if you want to host your wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or special occasion. We highly tell you to swing in and have a few delicious brews.

7.Golf with your friends

Golf courses are often placed among breathtaking surroundings, especially in Marquette County. With many golf courses near the Superior Stay Hotel, with lakeside views and dense forests. Golfing can be your ideal activity when you are in the mood to learn a new sport. A golf trip with your friends is a great thing at any time. A summer trip, on the other hand, is on another level. The courses in many summer destinations are incredible: the breathtaking elevation variations of tree-lined Northern Michigan. So, what’s keeping you and your golf mates from going somewhere fantastic? Scroll down to get a list of Marquette’s most outstanding golf courses.

Marquette Golf Club

8 min | 2.9 miles

A professionally developed course in a friendly, relaxed setting. The golf course has a driving range, nine holes, and club and cart rentals. Greywalls Golf Club should be on your bucket list looking for an inspirational and memorable golf experience. It is Upper Michigan’s only 36-hole golf course, with a distinctive course layout that visitors like. Since its start, it has won many local, regional, and national awards. It has also hosted countless important competitions and events.

NMU Golf Course

14 min | 9.2 miles

The Northern Michigan University Golf Course is 14 minutes distant on M28 E from the Superior Stay Hotel. This gold design features water hazards, rolling terrain, and beautiful wooded areas. It offers nine and 18-hole rounds and several facilities such as power and pull carts, offers rentals, a beverage cart, a driving range, and free wifi. a driving range.

8.Go on Fishing

Is there any better time to get out on the Lake than during the summer? The Lake offers all the bounty you could think of when fishing. Marquette has many great fishing opportunities as Lake Superior gets separated into little streams within the forests. Loads of Fish species are found in Marquette. Species that you can witness and surely catch here are – Salmon, Lake Trout, Whitefish, Steelhead, Splake, and many more. These summer fishing places will provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience. Whatever your needs are, you can always find a charter near you and enjoy a pleasant fishing trip! So get your tackle box ready to match your target! To prepare you for your fishing trip and ensure you have what is needed to make your trip a fantastic experience. We have prepared a list of essential items to checkmark before your trip. The list includes Fishing License, Soft Soled, Non-Slippery Shoes, Rain Gear for the conditions, and more. 

Lake Michigan

4 min | 1.6 miles

According to Game and Fish Magazine, Lake Michigan is the place to go for a truly unique fishing experience. The fishing is described as “chaotic. There are currently over 185 exotic species of marine wildlife living in the world’s largest freshwater habitat. Chinook salmon and lake trout are enormous, especially in places near rivers.

Tahquamenon River

2 hr 21 min | 132 miles

If you head to the Upper Peninsula, you’ll find plenty of fishing action. The Tahquamenon River, which empties into Lake Superior, is a clear winner in the field. This 89-mile stretch of water provides rock bass and perch for those who use worm bait and pike for red and white lures.

9.Chase Marquette’s beautiful Waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of the many things to do in summer and hidden treasures in and around Marquette. Many people believe that waterfalls provide a break from city life. When you’re ready to cool off and take in the scenery, head to one of Marquette’s top waterfalls, which are just waiting for you to discover!
There is also free parking at all the waterfall locations listed.

Carp River Falls

21 min | 12.8 miles

Carp River Falls is one of the more magnificent waterfalls in Marquette County. However, seeing it involves a lot of effort and a challenging climb. It is worth a visit, especially if you seek a challenge, but you could just as easily visit Morgan Falls. The Carp River winds its way through Marquette County on its route to Lake Superior. Above and below the central falls, there are many rapids and lesser falls. You could spend a long time here attempting to see them all.

Morgan Falls

12 min | 5.4 miles

This little wild waterfall is formed when Morgan Creek falls 20 feet into the Carp River. Morgan falls one of the more accessible waterfalls in Marquette. Morgan Falls is approximately two miles south of Marquette. This is one of the simpler waterfalls to explore in Marquette County, especially if you drive four-wheel drive. The waterfall is situated at the meeting point of Morgan Creek and the Carp River. The brook drops down 20 feet before joining the Carp. There is a tiny parking area on the left with a creek view.

10.Attend fun Summer events in Marquette

Marquette features many events during the summer, such as Music festivals, sports festivals, cuisine festivals, art festivals, children’s festivals, and other events. Outdoor events are a highlight of the Marquette things to do in summer list. Apply sunscreen and attend the following exciting events.

Hiawatha Festival

The Hiawatha Festival is a wonderful, family-friendly event introducing traditional music to the Marquette.
It will take place on July July 19, 20, and 21, 2024, featuring bluegrass, old-time Cajun, Celtic, acoustic blues, and folk music! at 2145 Sugar Loaf Ave Marquette, MI 49855

Blueberry Festival

Blueberry Fest is Marquette’s most well-known summer festival, with good reason! It is back to Downtown Marquette to satisfy all your blueberry desires. All kinds of blueberry food will be available in downtown Marquette. From blueberry pizza to blueberry beer and downtown establishments providing blueberry discounts. The Blueberry Festival is held on the final Friday of July and does not always overlap with Art on the Rocks, held the prior weekend. This year the festival will be held on August 8-11, 2024

UP Pride Festival

UP Rainbow Pride is excited to organize the 7th Pride Fest Jun 08, 2024, 1:00 PM – 10:30 in Marquette’s historic core, Mattson Lower Harbor Park. The goal of the Upper Peninsula Pride Festival is to present a celebration of people coming together in love and friendship. The UP Pride Fest will take place in June and provides several opportunities to participate in Art, entertainment, and community.

Stay at Superior Stay Hotel during your Summer Staycation!

While you plan for all your things to do in Summer, you can be assured that your stay at Superior Stay Hotel will be comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. Superior Stay Hotel is a boutique hotel. You’ll love Superior Stay Hotel’s prime location, as it’s easier to explore every local attraction Marquette offers. Most of the fun spots for things to do in summer in Marquette are located within a short drive from the hotel. So, you’ll drive a little less and enjoy yourself a lot more in Marquette. Our hotel is situated within walking distance of several restaurants, Local Breweries, and local food places. Our modern amenities assure you of homely comfort and convenience throughout your stay. As a small hotel, we take pride in providing you with personalized service. Let us know ahead of time that you are visiting for some fun, and we will get you connected with the local resources you need.