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Top Parks and Beaches
to Explore in Marquette, MI

A great way to cool off in Marquette, Michigan, is to go seaside and make a splash at one of Marquette’s best beaches Park, Mi. And the best part is; you have many to choose from – Presque Isle, Mccarty’s Cove and more. These scenic beach parks offers an ocean of summertime fun. Come on and jump into the thrill, and don’t forget to grab the sunscreen.

Little Presque Isle

With its beautiful sand beaches, rugged shoreline cliffs, heavily timbered forests, and unmatched public views, the Little Presque Isle stretch is one of the closest points to the Superior Stay Hotel. To get to this beach park, you’ll need a kayak, canoe, boat, or you can face Lake Superior and swim along the rocky shelf that leads from the shore to the island. The island itself is like another land; it has a small sandy beach, the beautiful blue and red rocks of Superior ringing the island’s northern coast perfect for jumping into the cool water, and a surprisingly large forest covering its center. The north edge of the woods breaks onto some of the larger rocks, giving way to one of the most spectacular views as you see an endless stretch of Lake Superior.

Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park is Marquette’s most beloved attraction, offering residents year-round outdoor recreation, serene settings for nature observation and education, and cultural experiences. Situated at the end of Lakeshore Boulevard, the beach park is easily approachable by either the bike path or vehicle. The park supports over 100 native plants and diverse landscapes, including pebble beaches, rocky cliffs, bogs, and forests. Major facilities at the island include two picnic areas, hiking trails, playground facilities, three drinking fountains, open grassy areas, a historic wood bandshell for concerts, two sets of restrooms, an open-air park shelter, etc.

Black Rocks

Black Rocks in Presque Isle are often crowded in summers, as people love to jump off the cliff into the freshwater Lake. You can stand at the ridge and get a panoramic view of Lake Superior and the shoreline. We would recommend bringing some solid water shoes, and after you jump off the cliff, swim across and climb rocks.

Sunset Point

If you are nearby at the time of sunset, this is a perfect place to view an ideal Marquette Sunset. Sunset point is close to Presque Isle.

McCarty’s Cove

Mccarty’s Cove is among the most popular Marquette beaches, close to downtown and home to the Harbor Lighthouse. The beach is very family-friendly as it has a sandy shore supervised by a lifeguard, always available on-site, So its’s sandy and safe. The beach has a space to play volleyball and a picnic spot for those who enjoy solitude and tides. The best part about Mccarty’s cove is the scenery that includes the historical Harbor lighthouse.

South Beach Park

South beach park is located by S Lake street, on the southern end of Marquette. It’s a pet-friendly park, so you can bring your furry friend with you to the beach, but they have to be kept on leash. It has a handicap ramp for easy access to the beach, playground for your little ones to stay busy in and enjoy the beach, too; adults can bring their own volleyball and net as poles are available there. It has restrooms and a picnic spot available. It might get too busy in the evening as most pet owners come for a walk here.

Picnic Rocks

One of the most incredible beach park of Marquette, loved by its locals. It is a picnic spot to enjoy a family lunch in, with Shiras Park right next to it, that has a kids’ playground to keep them busy after lunch. The views and opportunities to take photos to abound; sunsets in the are spectacular year-round. If you need a place to stretch your legs, this is definitely the spot!

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