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Hiking in Marquette

Hiking is one of the popular activities in Marquette. With endless options for peaks, go hiking with your group and enjoy the worthwhile views of Marquette County.


6 Best Hiking trails in Marquette

If you visit Marquette and do not hit the trails, you’re missing out big time! And we don’t want that, so here is the list of some hiking trails that are best to explore from March to June. There are no fees for visiting the listed trails and the distance mentioned with the names is the distance of the trail from the Superior Stay Hotel

What to carry to a Hike?

Other than the essential hiking items like food and water, hiking shoes and GPS, Map, and Camera; don’t forget to check our list of things to pack for a summer hike

  • Fleece Jacket: It is always wise to take a fleece for a hike if the temperature falls or the wind comes strong. Also, hats, gloves, neck warmers, and sunglasses are always intelligent choices!
  • Sunscreen: On non-sunny-yet-bright days, you can get sunburnt. The chances of getting a burn increases when at high altitudes, so anyone hiking should lather on some SPF, and don’t forget your face! – even on a winter’s day as a precaution.
  • Trekking Poles: Some first-time hikers and people with past injuries (knee injuries) often take trekking poles to assist their walking. Hiking can be a little tricky when you come to new or rugged terrains, and a trekking pole can help you keep your balance and grip when unstable.

So, this was our guide to nearby waterfalls from the Superior Stay Hotel. To schedule your guided hike with a local area Professional Guide, please email us and we will put you in touch with local professional Guides so you can discuss your specific plans and needs with them directly. Please email us at with your name, number of guests in your party, your cell phone number and when would you like to go on a hike.