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Hiking in Marquette

Hiking is one of the popular Spring activities in Marquette. With endless options for peaks, go hiking with your group and enjoy the worthwhile views of Marquette County.


Best 6 Hiking trails in Marquette for Spring

If you visit Marquette in Spring and do not hit the trails, you’re missing out big time! And we don’t want that, so here is the list of some hiking trails that are best to explore from March to June. There is no fees for visiting the listed trails and the distance mentioned with the names is the distance of trail from the Superior Stay Hotel

What to carry to a Spring Hike?

As winter has recently gone by, you’ll definitely find snow on your way to the peak on one or another hiking trail. So, check out our listed gear that you’ll HAVE to HAVE while going for a Spring Hike in Marquette other than the necessities like food, water, and sunscreen.

  • Packable Insulated Jacket: Changing springtime temperature makes taking an extra layer sound useless. Packable synthetic puffy jackets are the perfect solution for packing extra warmth into a tight space. These jackets often wrap up into their own pockets, allowing you to carry a warm coat without adding weight to your bag.
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots: While this item goes on your feet, not in your pack, it’s still worth mentioning the power of waterproof boots while spring hiking; wearing hiking boots will up your comfort level when faced with wet terrain. Remember that when hiking on muddy trails, it’s best to walk through puddles and mud rather than walking around. It prevents erosion and keeps track in good condition.
  • Traction Spikes: If you’re venturing into higher elevations or hiking on tracks that don’t get much sunlight, ice and snow are very likely in the spring season. Fumbling up and down the slippery ground is no fun and is quite dangerous as well. Trekking poles will add stability, but traction spikes will do the actual work. They slip over a hiking boot to better grip ice. Traction types vary from chains to cleats to spikes, depending on how slippery the track is.