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6 Fun Things to do in Winter in Marquette

Near Superior Stay Hotel

Are you looking for a fun winter adventure? Start planning your snowy escape today with Superior Stay Hotel. Marquette is known as the Upper Peninsula’s winter wonderland and has many places to explore in the winter season. Winter is almost here, so instead of just hiding under your blanket, grab your snow boots and some gloves, and get ready to take advantage of the snowy season by exploring Marquette with cold-weather fun things to do. Check out the following six fun things to do in winter across Marquette county

Just put on your snow boots and enjoy the snow!

Snowshoeing is the most ingenious way to explore the wilderness of Marquette, and also the simplest. It’s a low-cost thing to do in winter that’s easy to learn. It will help you access Marquette county’s beauty even in winters. With so many trails for snowshoeing, you’ll have the perfect chance to explore the new sights. Hogback Mountain, which is only 11 minutes away from Superior Stay Hotel, is one of the best spots for snowshoeing in Marquette. It’s just 6.4 miles from Superior Stay Hotel. Learn more about the best places to Snowshoe in Marquette, or where to get the equipment and gear.

Northern Lights Forecast
Northern Lights Forecast

Get Out and Ride your Bike!

In Marquette, Biking doesn’t stop when the snow falls; the bike tires just get a little wider. Noquemanon Trail Network is said to be tourists’ favorite trail in the whole of Marquette as bikers like to try out more rugged areas for challenging rides. It is just 2miles away from Superior Stay Hotel. Other than the NTN trails, there are several spots to explore. Find out more about the best fat-tire biking trails in Marquette. If you don’t own a fat tire bike, you can rent one at MQT Bikes, just a few blocks away from Superior Stay Hotel.

When life gives you snow you go skiing

Home to some of the best skiing trails in Michigan, with fresh snow and scenic cliffs as far as the eye can see. NTN trails are one of the best routes for skiing in Marquette. It has a course for all skill levels, and you can choose your path as per your skill, whether you want it rugged or rocky. You grab your gear and swoosh through the Powdered Mountains. Check out some of the best peaks for skiing in Marquette, with a choice for all skill levels. Explore our blog about Skiing in Marquette for more information.

Northern Lights Forecast
Northern Lights Forecast

Ice fishing is better than no fishing at all

Marquette is home to loads of lakes and ponds, most of which offer the potential to yield substantial catches through the ice. Catch lake trout and various salmon, trout, salmon, walleye, etc., on the big lake with Marquette Adventures Ice Fishing. They provide once in a lifetime ice-fishing experience and a small cookout at the end of the day to give a great ending to a great day. Learn more about Marquette Adventures Ice fishing and fun things to do, and we can help you plan an ice fishing adventure.

Why ride the roads when we can always ride the snow?

Snowmobiling in Marquette is a lot of fun. You drive over white blankets of snow as far as you can see. You can share or have your Snowmobile and can satisfy any adrenalin junkie by going at your speed for miles. Marquette County is home to vast trails containing six groomed trails and some of the best Pure Michigan snowfall you will find! The nearby area has lots of restaurants and bars to stop for hot chocolate, beverages, and meals along the way.

Northern Lights Forecast
Northern Lights Forecast

Explore must-see winter attraction – Eben Ice Caves

Eben Ice Caves of Rock River Canyon Wilderness Area is located near Eben Junction. This hike meanders through a wooded area for about twenty minutes to where the snowshoer will access the ridge of the canyon. Follow the ridge a short distance where you will come upon the top of the ice cave. Follow the trail around to the base of the caves where you can walk behind this impressive ice sheet!. Explore our blog about Winter Hiking to Eben Ice Caves for more information.

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