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Fat tire biking in Marquette

near Superior Stay Hotel

In Marquette, Biking doesn’t stop when the snow falls; the bike tires just get a little wider. In fact, Fat tire biking in Marquette is the most popular winter sport.

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Polar Roll 2022

The Polar Roll event is organized by the 906 Adventure Team from January 15 – March 15, 2022. It promises challenging terrain, wild weather, and friendly UPers. It’s the largest winter fat-bike event in Michigan, offering a 15- or 30-mile course and a snowshoe option. To take part in the event REGISTER HERE.

Best Places for Fat Tire Biking

near Superior Stay Hotel

Explore some of Marquette’s most beautiful natural areas in winter and get ideas on where you can cruise through the snow on your fat tire bike! Find out more about the trails for fat tire biking in Marquette below:

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Noquemanon North Trail

Distance: 2 miles | Time: 10 min
Directions from Superior Stay Hotel

From downtown Marquette go north on 4th Street, which will change to Presque Isle Ave at fair ave, turn left on Wright Street, go 1.7 miles west to Ontario ave, and turn right into the Marquette Board of Light and Power parking lot and find the trailhead kiosk.

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Noquemanon South Trail

Distance: 3 miles | Time: 10 min
Directions from Superior Stay Hotel

Around 20 miles of the singletrack are snowmobile explicitly groomed for winter fat tire biking in Marquette but open to compatible uses. Please be considerate of those behind you. If you are sinking more than 1/2 inch, lower your tire pressure, use snowshoes if on foot, or turn back and wait for the conditions to firm up. Dogs are welcome on a leash as per Michigan law.
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Need to rent a Fat Tire Bike?

If you want to participate in Polar Roll or just want to explore the snowy bike trails near Superior Stay Hotel and don’t have a fat-tire bike, you can easily rent out a fat-tire bike from MQT bike rentals. MQT Bike Rental rent fat bikes for all seasons, cruisers, 24″ kids bikes, and a limited amount of mountain bikes. They offer free delivery and pick-up at the Superior Stay Hotel.
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