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Winter Hiking to
Eben Ice Caves

In this chilly winter season, what can help you keep yourself warm? Yes, a winter hike to the frosty Rock River Canyon Ice Caves, popularly known as the Eben Ice Caves. Eben Ice Caves near Marquette are the perfect location to explore in the winters. It is a small cliff covered with the melted snow that gets frozen at the edges, giving it the beauteous ice-cave like look.

Eben Ice Caves Trailhead Parking

These Ice caves are outside Marquette County and 31.5 miles from the Superior Stay Hotel. It took us not more than 40 minutes to reach the trailhead located on the Eben Junction, Frey road via US-41 S and M-94 E.

Get Directions to Eben Ice Caves

To get to the caves, we had to get through a farmer’s field and hardly a mile-long trail. The hike included the private property too, where all the visitors and we parked our vehicles. It also had several portable toilets. Both of the services were provided by the landowners free of charge.
If you like their generous gesture and need to thank them, you can donate in the red donation box placed nearby.

Moving on, you’ll find the trail map. Then we reached the woods where the actual hike starts. The trail to the caves wasn’t marked well, but we took a picture of the map earlier, so we were on the right track. As it was our first time visiting the caves, we found the trail a bit exhausting, but the views make it worth the while.

On the way to the Ice caves, you’ll notice a downed tree and the Footbridge; they were also marked on the trail map. But they were mentioned there as a mere landmark so that you know you’re on the right path.

What to wear/carry for the hike

It’s important to note that heavy fabrics won’t necessarily make you feel warm. So let’s discuss how to cover yourself efficiently from head-to-toe so that you can relish this distant wilderness with appropriate clothing.

Wear waterproof jackets and bottoms

Waterproof jackets and bottoms are the number one insulator. Make sure to layer them up as they are windproof and breathable and avoid wetness from the snow.
Snow Shoeing near Superior Stay Hotel Marquette MI

Use Ice Cleats

It’s always a good idea to use ice cleats when going to such a place, the descent is icy and slippery, and it’s dangerous to explore the caves with slick rubber boots. Also, You’ll have to bring your Ice Cleats as they are not available anywhere on-site.

Snow Shoeing near Superior Stay Hotel Marquette MI

Carry hiking poles

Take hiking/walking poles for a better hiking experience, they’ll help you climb the steep areas easily.

Snow Shoeing near Superior Stay Hotel Marquette MI

Carry water and energy bars

As the trail is a bit exhausting, it’s better to carry some energy bars; so that when you reach, you are fully boosted up to explore the beauteous Ice caves.

Eben Ice Caves

When to visit the Eben Ice Caves?

Eben Ice caves are mostly visited after December when covered with thick snow sheets. It has no opening/closing time, so you can go there anytime you want. But as we went in the daylight and could experience the ice caves’ insides and get the excellent forest view from in between the ice drapes, we would suggest you go around 11 in the morning to get the best shots. The caves are so strong that you can even climb them to get a panoramic view of the area. Just be careful with the ice as it’s very slippery without the ice cleats, and there are no medical facilities available.

Check the FAQ section for quick answers to your questions regarding our Eben Ice Caves visit. If your question is not covered here, you can contact us; we’ll be more than happy to further share our experience.

Experience Shared By Aj and Kaleb (Superior Stay Hotel Front-desk Team)

FAQs about the Eben Ice caves

How do you get to Eben Ice Caves?

The Eben Ice caves are located outside Marquette County and 31.5 miles from the Superior Stay Hotel. It would take you not more than 40 minutes to reach the trailhead located on the Eben Junction, Frey road via US-41 S and M-94 E. Get Directions

What time of the day do I visit Eben Ice Caves?

If you want to be alone to enjoy the solitude, we would recommend you to reach there by 8 AM, It’s the best time with less foot traffic. If you are visiting for the first time, and don’t want to get lost in the woods; visit at 1 PM and simply follow the footprints to reach the Ice caves.

Is there a fee for visiting the Eben ice caves?

No, there’s no fee for visiting the Eben Ice caves, the parking is free of charge as well.

How far is it to the ice caves from the parking area?

The Eben ice caves are less than a mile away from its parking area.

Where can I park?

There’s a farmer’s field at the beginning of the trail, which is a private property and it’s used for parking vehicles free of charge.

Are there toilet facilities?

Yes, there is toilet facility available at the beginning of the trail, where the cars are parked.

Is there food or drinking water available near Eben Ice Caves?

We recommend you to bring water and some energy bars with you.

Is it safe for a person to go out to the ice caves alone?

You can visit alone if you are a professional, as the trails are dangerous and slippery; you might need help and there’s no medical facility available otherwise.

Can I use a drone?

No, drones are not allowed in the area.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can bring your dog with you,as it’s a pet-friendly trail.

Can I get the Ice cleats on-site?

No, Ice cleats or any other equipment are not available on-site. You’ll have to bring them with you. If you don’t own Ice cleats, you can check out the sports store near the hotel – Downwind Sports Store or Sports Rack Marquette.