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Birding In Marquette

Marquette provides birders with an excellent place to search for migrating shorebirds and different bird species as Marquette shares 83 miles of Lake Superior’s shoreline. Superior Stay Hotel is located a few blocks away from the Lake Superior Shoreline, so we are close to several great options for a perfect birding tour in Marquette!


What to carry for Birding?

svg Water

Water & Food

They are the most crucial stuff no matter how experienced you are, you’ll need to be hydrated & fed. Birding trips in Marquette always last longer than you plan. There is no need to pack a fine, four-course meal, but a few energy bars during the day can make a huge difference, especially if you’re bushwhacking or just covering a lot of area on foot.

svg Bug

Bug repellent

The best time of year for Birding is also the best time of year to get swarmed by clouds of biting insects; mosquitoes, the list of bugs, is quite long. Insect repellent can make the difference between having an enjoyable trip despite the pesky bugs or having to abandon the trip because of them.

svg light


Going on a birding trip and staying long after the sun has gone down is a trip ritual. It happens to everybody at some point. Stumbling around in the dark is not so bad once you’re back at the car, but if you’re still out on the trail or standing in the middle of the forest, this is when you discover how essential flashlights can be.

svg maps


Sometimes the best birding spots in Marquette are “off the map.” But this generally means off the usual road map that everyone uses. The traditional paper map is necessary for really getting away from towns, highways, and other non-natural areas and they are helpful as they show all the roads and the main landscape features, especially water bodies.

svg stick

Walking pole

These can be useful for maintaining balance while going up or down rough, steep ground. It can also help push branches and bushes out of your way when going through thick grasses. However, an excellent benefit about which most people are unaware is that carrying a walking pole (or hiking pole) can help you walk farther.

svg glasses


Birding on a bright, sunny day can be challenging on the eyes, especially if you are watching hawks in the bright sky or ducks on the shining water.

svg cloth


Choose your birding outfits wisely; you don’t want to get uncomfortable or irritated in the first half of your trip. Wear comfortable clothes which provide full coverage, such as cargo pants, comfortable and non-squeaky footwear. Don’t wear loud colors; Try to look as harmless as possible to the birds by blending in with the habitat and cover your head with a hat.

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