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5 Things to Do in Spring In Marquette

Near Superior Stay Hotel

Whether Marquette’s climate is a little chilly or just right, Spring in Marquette is a great time to go for a long walk to explore the beauty of Marquette or pull the bikes out of the garage and go for a long bike ride. Enjoy the welcoming sight after a freezing winter than the amazing spring colors returning to nature’s landscape. Experience the neighborhood trees bloom during your visit to Marquette.

What to do during Spring in Marquette?

If you are an adventurous soul and would like to explore Marquette, here’s what you could do to keep yourself busy all-day

Local Tourist attractions near Superior Stay Hotel

If you are not into any of the outdoor adventures and just in a mood for chilling and spending some leisure time with family/friends, here you go –


The third street, where the Superior Stay Hotel is located, is full of local breweries that offer well-crafted beers at reasonable prices.


Up for a gaming night? Visit the Ojibwa Casino in the vicinity of Superior Stay Hotel. Grab a bite and watch your favorite sports team play on the big screens.


Visit the beautifully restored historic lighthouses. Get a tour with guides and learn about the history of Marquette or just enjoy the long walks at the beach with the view of Lake Superior.


You might have to hike a bit for some of Marquette’s waterfalls, but the trails are pretty short, easily identified, and have some beautiful scenery.

Spring Events in Marquette

Explore all incoming Local Spring events in Marquette County. Some of the popular events that you can be a part of this spring –

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