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Surfing in Marquette

near Superior Stay Hotel

Surfing in Marquette is usually seen as a summer sport, but if you wrap up warm, there is plenty of fun surfing during wintertime as well.

Best Places for Surfing

near Superior Stay Hotel

Here are some of Marquette’s famous surfing spots, whether you want to catch a wave yourself or observe some of the most skilled surfers.

Mccarty’s Cove

Distance: 1.4 miles | Time: 4 min
Directions from Superior Stay Hotel

Mccarty’s Cove is located 4 minutes drive from the hotel close to downtown. This break is located just to the left of one of the most recognizable landmarks in Marquette, the red Light House. Along Lakeshore Boulevard the waves run from the lighthouse to Picnic Rocks. The cleaner lines run next to the rocks in front of McCarty’s Cove. Please note there are strong rip currents between Picnic Rocks and shore.

Presque Isle

Distance: 3 miles | Time: 10 min
Directions from Superior Stay Hotel

Presque Isle is a city park 10 minutes drive from the Superior Stay Hotel. It is Marquette’s most famous spot for surfing. Upon entering the park turn left and drive until you see Middle Bay, and park at the Lake Superior Watershed house. When standing on the beach and looking out into Middle Bay, you will want to surf the area along the rocky shore. For the best rides, surf the shore to 100 feet parallel with the shore. After each ride simply walks the shore back to get into position again. This is the cleanest break-in around Marquette.

Where to get surfing equipment?

Down Wind Sports – 2 mins (0.6mile) away from Superior Stay Hotel
Down Wind Sports Store falls 2 mins drive to the South from the hotel. You can get Surfing ready here for your next wave.

Lakeshore Bike – 3 mins (1.6mile) away from Superior Stay Hotel
To get your surfing board, wetsuits, accessories, and stuff ready for surfing head to Lakeshore Bike store. It’s 3mins away from the hotel and they have a full line of surf gear, form wetsuits, board accessories, and all other essentials. They carry boards from Global Surf Industries as well as Torq, Wetsuits from Vissla, and accessories from multiple companies including ROAM, Sticky Bump, and Mr. Zogs.