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Marquette is full of beautifully preserved historical buildings, and many local museums offer a deeper look into the history of Marquette. If you are a history buff and are interested in learning about the Upper Peninsula and hearing centuries-old captivating stories, head to these Historical sites of Marquette located throughout the county.

Marquette Harbor lighthouse

1.3 miles | 3 minutes
Direction from Superior Stay Hotel

Marquette Harbor lighthouse is a century-old lighthouse, very well-known by the locals and visitors to Marquette. The red building of the lighthouse wasn’t this beautiful all along; it was reconstructed and preserved in 1866 by the Maritime Museum to protect the maritime history of Marquette. You can take a stroll by the shore or admire the fantastic building. To schedule your Lighthouse tour with Maritime Museum, contact them at – or visit their Facebook Page.

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Saint Peter Cathedral

1.1 miles | 4 minutes
Direction from Superior Stay Hotel

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012, creating this magnificent sandstone structure began in 1864, with Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga setting the foundation. Tourists to the site fall in love with its detailed architecture. The Cathedral offers two daily Masses, four weekend Masses, and guided tours. But due to the pandemic, they are not offering guided tours for now. Visit their website for updates from here.

phone (906) 226-6548

Iron ore harbor dock

1.3 miles | 5 minutes
Directions from Superior Stay Hotel

The Marquette Harbor Dock or the Lower Harbor Ore Dock is an exciting piece of Marquette’s Iron ore History. Tons of ore is shipped from this dock each year, still. It’s a picturesque spot worth stopping at for a short time and admire this beautiful monolith. You can reach the structure when the Lake is frozen, that’s in winters, but it’s equally lovely to look at from afar as well. There are benches and a picnic table in the park by the dock to enjoy a meal.

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If you visited any other historical sites of Marquette on your visit, share your story with us on Facebook; and we’ll share some of them with our guests. Let’s boast about the history of Marquette, together.