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Noquemanon Ski Marathon – 2023

Jan 27 2023 - Jan 28 2023

Noquemanon South Trails Trailhead
Marquette, MI 49855, United States

3.7 miles | 8 min
from Superior Stay Hotel

Noquemanon Trail Network 

About the Noquemanon Ski Marathon

The most popular winter ski event! Marquette’s 25th Noquemanon Ski Marathon has been fascinating to the best and recreational cross country skiers worldwide for over two decades. It takes place from 27th to 28nd January. The full marathon 50K starts at Al Quaal Recreation Area in Ishpeming, the origin of organized skiing, and finishes at the Lake Superior’s shores, Marquette. Half Noque, 12K, snowshoe, and Junior ski events round out the weekend. Several skiers have taken Ishpeming’s point-to-point 50K or 24K adventure. The Noquemanon trails are famous for their rugged and natural Upper Peninsula forest course and its distinct region. Skiers find hard and softwood forests, rocky paths, lake traverses, bird’s eye views of creeks, Lake Superior, often excessive snowfall, waterfall, adventurous and differing weather conditions, and a 1000-foot drop. Many areas of the whole marathon are very isolated, which adds to a skier’s adventure idea.

While the Noquemanon is a must-do Classic marathon, the marathon and half marathon also offer distinct classic and freestyle races. Classic skiers start ahead of freestyle skiers, and both classic tracks and skating lanes are available throughout the race. Despite an annual attendance of over 1,000 skiers, skiers are sent out in wave sizes that allow each participant elbow room. A marathon relay, a 12K ski race, junior/youth events, adapted skiing, and a 15-mile snowshoe event is all part of the Noquemanon.

To participate in any of the event’s races, you can sign up at their Website.

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