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Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival

Jul 21 2023 - Jul 23 2023

1015 N 3rd St #9, Marquette, MI, 49855

0.2 miles | 1 min
from Superior Stay Hotel

Hiawatha Music Co-op

Best musical and entertaining event to attend this year! The Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates traditional American folk music. This year, The 43rd Hiawatha traditional music festival is held the entire next-to-last weekend, July 21 to 23,2023, at Tourist Park, Marquette, Michigan. This fest has a rich tradition in its publicity artwork. Every year, skilled artists are invited to submit their work. Hiawatha festival typically features a group of musicians and dancers from different cultural traditions performing on stage and workshops, demonstrations, and other activities for the attendees. So, You will enjoy the best music, be entertained by watching dance performances by the dance groups, and have fun participating in various activities. The heart-warming and time-honored Children’s parade is also eye-catching for the attendees. The Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival is an excellent opportunity to experience and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Marquette area and the country.

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